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This very night, there are parents sleeping on the chairs and floors of their children's hospital rooms--alone. This isolation is brutal as they stay at the bedside of their child who is recovering from a critical illness or life-threatening condition.

It's no mystery that most hospitals are unable to provide adequate comfort or support services to parents who find themselves in this situation. And it's no wonder--the hospitals' job is to care for the children. It is for this reason The Brain Candy Project was founded...to hold parents so parents can hold their children, picking up where hospitals must leave off in terms of parent care.


The Brain Candy Project's  support includes life administration services, such as financial management, nanny services, laundry, house/pet sitting, free parking at the hospital, as well as specialized workshops in arts, meditation, nutrition, cancer research, and more. A 24/7 Hotline for general support and research assistance is in the works as well. We will serve in local/regional hospitals, and then expand our work nationally/internationally. All goods and services provided through The Brain Candy Project will be AT NO COST to the families we serve.

Can you imagine sleeping here for months? Many parents do. You can help change that.
holding parents so parents can hold their children