holding parents so parents can hold their children
2008 The Brain Candy Project, All Rights Reserved
2008 The Brain Candy Project, All Rights Reserved
If you are a parent/guardian currently living in the hospital with your child, or if you have in the past, we need your feedback.
Please take a few moments, as you are able, to complete our short survey. It will help us determine which services are the most pressing.
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We're giving hugs with lots of love.
The Chloe T. Foundation provides stuffed animals that have no metal so they can accompy small children into the MRI suite for testing.  The animal is cuddly soft and reminds them of home to help fight the fear of all the noise created by a MRI exam.
The Andrew and Abby Szott Foundation provides a "gift of time" that allows one parent to stay home from work full-time to meet the emtional, physical and medical needs of a child with life-threatening cancer.
Blair's Tree of Hope has the mission of branching out to help families of children with life threatening illnesses by providing them with day to day services (at no charge to them) to allow them to spend more  quality time together.

HopeKids provides ongoing events & activities and a powerful, unique support community for children with cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine.
KidsCan is an organization created BY families FOR families who have been touched by Childhood Cancer. In sharing our journeys, we are empowered with hope and strength. KidsCan recognizes the unique needs of the entire family as they journey through and beyond Pediatric Cancer.
The mission of Faith's Lodge is to provide a place where parents and families facing the serious illness or death of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present, and build hope for the future.
Our mission is to generate AWARENESS to battle Childhood Cancer.
Team Unite is comprised of nationwide volunteers from families impacted by the devastating diagnosis of a child with cancer.
Our goal is to bring attention to childhood
cancer around the world. We want companies
to feature the gold ribbon on products to show
their support.