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Marta Gerrity started Patchwork Prayers in memory of her mother, Charlotte, who lived with brain cancer in her golden years. Patchwork Prayers is a simple idea with powerful results. Volunteers from across the country join forces with Marta to create customized quilts for children fighting brain cancer.

Warmth comes not only from the quilts themselves, but from the prayers tied into each knot on the quilt. As the quilt is constructed and the knots are tied, prayers are said for the child. When the child receives their special quilt, family and friends, doctors, nurses and others can tie a knot on the quilt and say a prayer as well. Each of these special children is then wrapped in love and prayers within a quilt designed just for them. We hope that the prayer quilts will offer love, hope, comfort and warmth to each child and family we support.

Marta will also be coordinating other special projects for BCP such as gourmet food orders, Memory Bears (for siblings of a child with brain cancer), Memory Scrapbooks & Memory Quilts which she creates for families through her group, Charlotte's Garden.
It is with great honor that we welcome Marta to our circle!

holding parents so parents can hold their children
Lily's Prayer Quilt, courtsey of Charlotte's Garden
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